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The online guest request option might not be available for every event (it's up to my clients to decide if they wish to utilize this feature);

Simply choose the event date from the date-select drop-down menu

& enter in the password.

NOTE:  the "password" IS case-sensitive and will always be lower-case (no caps at all).

If there are any problems, do not contact the party host.  Please contact me (Jack)

NOTE:  The Guest Request System will open up a new window,

so you must have any pop-up blockers disabled!  Once that window is open, you should

be able to expand it.

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Hi there & thanks for reaching out! 
Choosing a DJ for your event -- especially a wedding -- is (should be) a big deal!  A DJ should fit your vision for your event and one that you can connect with.  I truly cherish the relationships I make by doing what I love (this job!!), along with getting to know my couples. 

Because of that, I am very selective about the type of clients I book.   I want clients who do NOT want "just another DJ" (and also respects the fact I'm not!) & want one that is distinctive, dedicated & caring; relates to my style, approach and philosophy to DJ entertainment, and -- most importantly -- they get excited at the thought of having a freaking unbelievably fun and awesome wedding or event! 

You might think I do only weddings since most of my website is wedding-related.  While weddings do take up a majority of my calendar, I do DJ many adult-only events.  We'll (most likely) both know if we're a good fit from an initial chat.  But, I like to be sure.  So, if you're local, I invite all of my prospective clients to meet up for coffee or a drink and talk more about your event, or chat on the phone if you're not local.  

Unfortunately I also need to state the following because I've received a number of inquiries that have been disrespectful of my time by not responding to even an email (although they inquired with me!).  SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY.  Those who are not really interested in talking about your event and and are just "price shopping" to collect quotes, that is NOT considered a "serious inquiry." 

Since I'm a unique Boutique DJ, I do NOT email quotes from an inquiry.  I do not have a "price list" or "hourly rate" or "one-price-fits-all".  I will need to get a few specifics to get you a more accurate estimate (which is only valid at that moment).  So, thank you in advance for your understanding!     


If you felt moved to reach out to me to DJ your event, please complete my info request form below.  I'll get back to you as soon as I am able (or during the period of time you state you're available).  The only exception is any inquiry that comes in Friday, Saturday or Sunday (or holidays).  Depending on my event schedule, I might not be able to get back to you until Monday.  

I also know privacy is a concern for me.  Just so you know, I do NOT sell names and/or personal info to any third party.  

Also, I do NOT sell names and/or personal info to any third party.  So your info is very safe with me.

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