When it comes to weddings, Simply put:  there's only one chance to get it right!  Period!  It's part of why I care so much about each wedding and that I treat each one as if it were my own!  

THAT is the kind of passion I give each and every one of my couples -- to not only ensure the vision for their day comes to reality -- but that their ONLY 'responsibility' on their wedding day is to celebrate with their family and friends!  Unlike most wedding DJ services/companies that view weddings as "just another gig" in a string of events scheduled for that day, I do not.

After talking to me, you'll see just how passionate I am about what I do. Words like "average" & "standard" are not in my vocabulary when it comes to helping my awesome couples design their vision for their day so it is as unique as they are.   When my couples hire me, they're not hiring me to just show up for a few hours, make some announcements and play music.  It's so much more than that!

(not to mention, you're actually getting ME!)

For me, every wedding (and event) is different.  So, it's my belief that each of my clients deserve a unique experience -- one that reflects their individual style, taste and overall vision.   That's why, in part, why I do not believe in offering those cookie-cutter "packages" unlike majority of DJs out there.  

Whether it's an intimate wedding of only 50 guests or a huge wedding of 350 people,

I proudly offer a higher-quality, ultra-personalized service to ALL of my couples.  I offer flat, event pricing. 

NO "packages".  NO "hourly rate".  NO travel charges.  Or set-up fees.  OR other "nickle-and-diming" that I do not believe in

I am with my couples for the day -- NOT by the hour!

I also let events and weddings flow organically.  Although there are certain elements of a wedding or event that have to happen at a set time (like the serving of dinner), I'm not one of these DJs (or planners) that will rush you along during the entire event or wedding.  This is another aspect of my service that makes me stand out from others.  

I like to boast that I have an unconventional approach to weddings.  Weddings have changed over the years, and every couple has their own vision.  Granted many years ago when our parents got married it was "tradition" to do everything before dinner, for example, and to do all of these other things throughout the night.  

That's not the case anymore.  There's nothing that says a couple "must do" this or that.  But, hey, if you want to do it all, great.  If you want to do some or none, that's great, too!    

I'm not one of the many DJs who are still stuck in that dated mindset of how weddings were done 30+ years ago.  

That's just another factor that truly make the type of DJ service I offer & provide unlike most-others in the area (and I can prove it!).  Wedding and Event DJ entertainment shouldn't be cheesy or obnoxious or seeming like a "chore" demanding you do all kinds of things you don't want to do (like "get on the dance floor").  Nor, should you be forced to do something at your wedding "just because" many DJ's consider it 'tradition'. 

This is where my distinctive approach, philosophy and (somewhat unconventional) attitude towards DJ entertainment for weddings and events come into play.  Hence, my "re-inventing" DJ entertainment to what it should be and what's long-been missing.  While a majority of events I do every year are weddings (and my website leans more towards weddings -- as there are there are tons of them every year -- I do DJ/MC a wide variety of non-wedding adult events every years as well. 



Another great aspect of my service that separates me from the other DJ services is that I do NOT offer those typical "packages."  

I simply offer a great DJ service that focuses solely on that:  SERVICE -- Not gimmicks.  And my service and includes everything that is needed to put on a great reception without compromises.

For most of my couples, my main reception service is everything they want and need as it is all-inclusive, and is generally beyond what most DJ companies offer as a "standard" five- or six-hour reception.  I'll be more-than-happy to customize a service based on your needs if it's not listed.

Many DJ services offer a variety of "packages" where they essentially list more "stuff" that they bring to your wedding, while not really talking about the skill or experience of the DJ they're going to send to DJ your wedding (a "lower-tiered" package generally means you're getting a less-experienced DJ.  While still paying that DJ service a pretty significant amount of money). 

All of that "stuff" is NOT going to make or break your night if the service and DJ are horrible.   

I'm not interested in selling you "more stuff."  What I charge is reflective of the outstanding ultra-personalized service I provide to each and every one of my couples, the significant amount of time that I invest into each wedding, in addition to my industry accomplishments and experience.

Because each wedding is so unique and my service is reflective of that, I personally tailor my service to my clients' vision and needs.   Therefore, each quote for service is customized.  No "one-price-fits-all" pricing.  


One of the benchmarks of my business is a complete focus on service -- not gimmicks -- while also enhancing the overall guest experience.



I'm proud to be only DJ in the area that includes this service & has quickly becompopular with guests.  Guests can capture all of the moments of the night in pictures and then either text them or use Twitter.  All of those images and messages will then project all night long on a screen(s).  Whether they're snapping pictures of dancing with friends, hanging out at their table or wherever.



Some might remember when MTV & VH1 used to show music videos.   
Guests of the event are further entertained by dancing and socializing while the actual music video of the song are projected on a screen.  Be reminded of those fashions and hairstyles of the decades-gone by.  This truly enhances events like class reunions/decade-themed events.   

I also offer a slideshow projection as well.  It can even be produced with a soundtrack.

No Cheese DJ - Wedding DJs Cleveland Ohi


Uplighting is one of the most cost effective ways to elegantly decorate or even transform a room with color.  Uplights are battery-powered & wireless, so they can be placed anywhere.  I also offer gobo lighting ("Name in Lights") with a wide variety of patterns -- from your name or initials and with or without your date -- available to choose from



You know you've experienced this at events you've been at.   Where the volume level between songs is always different.  It's either too loud or too quiet.   

This is another unique element of my events and my service because this simply does not happen at my events.  I'm proud to be one of the ONLY DJs around that actually uses an audio processor for the music.  

What does this mean?  None of those inconsistent volume changes between songs because the processor keeps levels consistent not only from song-to-song, but actually during the actual song.  Plus, my audio processor makes the music sound a bit "brighter" and "bigger"


Although majority of my events every year are weddings (after all, there are a lot of them), I provide the same incredible & "Non-Cheesy, Non-Obnoxious" Boutique exclusive brand of DJ service for many types of adult life celebrations and company events. 

Whether it's an anniversary, birthday, college formal, corporate/company event, reunion, after-party, holiday event  birthdays, reunions, after-parties or a backyard party, the same philosophy, attitude and approach to DJ entertainment -- including my exclusive branding -- to other adult events as I do for weddings.



I do not believe in high-pressure sales gimmicks if you reach out to me!  I love DJing weddings & events.  And yes, I do travel!

So, reach out and let's get your Non-Cheesy, Non-Obnoxious event started!