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Spotting a Bad Cheesy DJ BEFORE You Hire Them

Most people have never had to hire a DJ for their wedding or event before. One thing you DO know: You don't want a bad or cheesy DJ. But since you've (probably) never hired a DJ before, you don't know what to look for. Well, here are some things that are signs of a bad or cheesy/dated DJ. And all of it is indicative on their website. And how that website looks.

It's no different than walking into a physical store. If it's messy and dirty, it most-likely has turned you off (and probably made you turn around and walk back out the door). A website is no different. If the website looks like it's stuck in 1997 (dated), or looks like it was just "thrown together"/sloppy-looking, has poor spelling, a poor layout, etc., that's a clear indication into not only the type of DJ they are, but the type of service they'll provide. That being dated, sloppy, etc. Essentially not giving a damn! If a DJ doesn't care to make sure their DJ looks good (or, at the very least, halfway decent & modern), they're most likely not going to care about the product and service they provide.

I simply cannot stand cheesy and dated DJ's. It makes me sick that this industry is still filled with so many of them. So many DJ's are still stuck in 1995 or so. Don't get me wrong: I loved the 90's. But, I evolved from that decade. I actually feel embarrassed for people that booked them. Honestly, they essentially ruin weddings & give the industry a huge black eye. As you're checking out website, look out for these red flags. If you see this on their website, simply keep moving. You'll probably not want to waste another second with them and/or on their website.


This is something that's been decreasing over the years. But, unfortunately, there are still way-too many pathetic DJ's that still insist on displaying a banner or huge signage with their set up that displays their name/logo, phone number, website, slogan, etc. AT A PRIVATE EVENT, THIS IS EXTREMELY TACKY! No other vendor does this. Because it's tacky and inappropriate. Yet, these DJs haven't caught onto that. If guests want a DJs information, they'll come up and ask for a card. Nothing ruins the elegance of a wedding with a cheesy and tacky DJ displaying gaudy signage because they're desperate to get their name out.

2. DJ'S LEADING IN LINE DANCES (resorting to Line Dances in general)

That should be a HUGE red flag if all or the majority of "dancing pictures" on a DJ website are those of guests line dancing. Or (worse yet, in my opinion), the DJ leading in dance lessons on the dance floor. Are they DJing a wedding reception or having a dance rehearsal at someone's event? Why aren't there other pictures of guests dancing mixed in with those pics? That's probably because the DJ is only capable of getting people to dance by throwing on "Cha Cha Slide", for example. Did you happen to notice that while guests are doing the "Wobble", the rest of the dance floor is empty?


Many DJ's use stock photos of events that show high-tech gear, packed dance floors, exotic locations, fancy setups and the such as a way to impress you and lure you in. Truth be told, many websites offer people stock photos to use on their website as part of their plan. Or some DJ's will actually steal pictures from other DJ website to use on their own.

Because these DJ's don't have any actual pictures from events they've DJ'ed, they resort to using stock photos to try to represent (misrepresent, in all reality) of the type of service or product they offer. Only for the client to be disappointed that the service doesn't match what's represented (in pictures) on the website. Some inexperienced/new photographers resort to this, as well. Only for clients to get their pictures back and they look nothing like what they have posted on their website gallery. And these providers can actually be used for misrepresentation. You can easily tell if a picture is used elsewhere by simply using Google Images.


I combine these into one because lighting is part of a setup. So many DJ's seem to take pride in their set-ups looking like an absolute mess at a wedding reception that is classy and decorated nicely. Their equipment looks like crap & the lighting fixtures are simply tacky looking (some of us refer to these lights as "spin and pukes").

The crappy-looking set-up is actually made worse when it's time to turn on the lighting for the dance floor. I can't tell you how many photographers I've talked to who tell me how many pictures of special dances are ruined because the DJ turned on lighting during the first dance, for example. Or, they turned on these "dot" laser lights (which are a big deal among cheesy, tacky DJ's). These are lights that display annoying red and green dots all over the place. Including on the couples' outfits. Imagine getting your pictures back and you were dancing with your spouse, or one of your parents and there was a red or green light "blob" on your face? Or red and green dots all over your dress?

Now the photographer either has pictures that are ruined, or they have to spend a tremendous amount of time "photo-shopping" these dots out of the picture. These "laser dot" lights have no place at a wedding -- or really any event outside of a kids party. I do not own any of these and my lighting is a "wash" effect that does not produce any little "blobs" of lighting.

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