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Live Streaming Your Wedding Ceremony

Regardless of where you're getting married, you might have guests -- for whatever reason -- who simply are unable to make the trip. Especially once we pass dealing with the coronavirus (COVID-19), there could still be some of your loved once who still be unable to attend in person. The good news is that thanks to technology, there may be a way to have those loved ones and your inner circle "in attendance" without physically being there: LIVE STREAMING!

Before you decide to do this, there are a few things that must be considered.

Only As a Fallback

Live streaming should be treated only as a backup only for those who regrettably can not attend the wedding. You do not want to offer it as an option (either on the invitation or a back-up list only to watch along) for your guests to not physically appear because they can always view it online.


Do not post the link publicly anywhere! Not on your wedding website. Not on social media. NOWHERE! You want to protect your privacy & make sure only those who have been "invited" have access to it. Plus, posting the link publicly subjects your event to being "bombed" by spammers who can stream, let's just say, objectionable content. And there are spammers who look for the opportunity to do this. So, again, do not share the link publicly!


You'll want to make sure that there is capability to even stream your wedding. Some venues have direct internet connectivity, but in some places, it could pose a problem. Although WiFi has gotten better of the years for live streaming, there also might be areas where access to a network is poor or even non-existent (especially in some of the more rural areas). Whether it's internet connection from the venue or service you’ll want to make sure that that the connection or internet access at the venue beforehand. If you wish to offer this, do not hesitate to reach out to me to have this service provided at your ceremony.

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